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Andrew Earl (sein Steckbrief)

Andrew war in der Saison 2004/05 beim SV Bayer Wuppertal, auf meine Mail, wie es ihm geht und was er "nach dem SV Bayer" macht, kam folgende Antwort:

hi frank,
andrew here. how are you?? i am good now still training with the national team preparing to go to asian championships in september. no i have no contract with wuppertal this season, i expressed interest but they got back to me too late. i now have a contract in poland in the first division with KP Polska Energia. i think this will be really good.

well it was good to hear from you and i wish wuppertal all the best for this season. i will follow the results with interest over the internet.

regards andrew...

Saison 2004/05
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